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Kailee Bowman

  • Certified National Coach (NCCP Level 3)
  • 15 Years Professional Coaching Experience
  • Diamond Dance, Triple Gold Tests, and Pre-Novice Competitive Dance Tests
  • Specializes in coaching Singles, Dance, Skills, Interpretive, Choreography, and Special Olympics
  • Provincial Champion for Interpretive
  • Former Provincial Competitor in Freeskate, Triathlon, Interpretive, and Skills
  • Fitness Leadership Diploma

Lorraine Francisty 

  • 43 Years coaching experience.
  • Certified NCCP-National Coach Level 3 & Partial Level 4
  • BC Games Team Coach
  • Gold Freeskate, Gold Dances, Bronze Rhythm Dance, Junior Competitive Dance, Novice Competitive Singles, Skating Skills Class 1 (Gold).
  • BC Section Skate Canada Level 2 Administration 
  • CEP: Gold Status. 
  • Coached Skaters through to Gold Freeskate, Gold Skills, Gold Artistic, Gold Dances & Diamond Dances and Junior Competitive Singles.  
  • Synchronized Skating Coach
  • Star 1-5 Accessor Trained
  • Star 6 – Gold Update in all disciplines
  • Respect for Sport-Activity Leader Certificate

Adrian Matei

  • NCCP partial Level 3 certified
  • Senior Competitive Singles Skater
  • Represented Romania in ISU European Championships, ISU World Junior Championships, ISU Grand Prix Circuit competitions
  • Performed with Disney on Ice all over the world
  • Ten years Coaching Experience
  • Specializes in coaching Singles and jump harness use