2022/2023 Calendar of Events


Class Descriptions


Precan – Ages 3-5 years old or first time skaters

Taught by Skate Canada Professionals.  Lots of extra hands to help new skaters.  Colorful learning tools to keep the program fun and active.

Canskate/Pre-Junior – Ages 5-12 years old

Taught by Skate Canada Professionals using circuits, a fast track and games to keep skaters engaged, learning and having fun. Pre-Juniors are canskaters who show initiative in developing their Figure Skating skills.

Junior – Ages 4 years old and up

Skaters will work on stroking, edges, turns, spins and jumps. Off ice, skaters will work on physical literacy; balance, flexibility, skating technique, musicality and performance. 

*All skaters must wear a CSA approved helmet.


Pre-Power Skating – Ages 4-6 years old

Requirment Stage 2 Canskate completed. This is a fun active program where children learn skating skills appropriate for their age in preperation for hockey play and power skating.

Junior Power Skating – Ages 7 years old and up

Students will learn how to do proper crossovers, backward skating, edges, stopping, turnming and improve their stamina. This program focuses on teaching Can Power Skate Levels 1 to 4. Skaters use full ice.

Senior Power Skating – Ages 10 and up

This is a high tempo class, which focuses on advance edges, quick feet and puck control, whether you are an advance hockey player or just enjoy the game, this program is for you. This program focuses on teaching Can Power Skate Levels 3 to 6.

* Full hockey gear including hockey stick is required.